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What would I change about my wedding?? What went wrong?? Here ya go!

There’s so many… but this is what comes to mind tonight! 😉

  1. Okay, so, I wore an over skirt over my dress for my ceremony but it didn’t go with the earrings I ended up choosing for post-ceremony… resulting in changing earrings (LOL). What I wish I would’ve done is not bought the over skirt + veil the day I got my dress. My reception earrings were my favorite thing EVER, I would’ve loved to wear them during the ceremony!

  2. We made a list of songs for our DJ but not a “must play” list and I wish we would have because we put wayyy too many on the long list and weren’t clear enough about which we’re most important.

  3. This would be impossible… but I so wish I would’ve found a way to enjoy the morning-of. I was very stressed because of weather (that ended up being perfect) and I don’t have very many getting ready photos because of it.

  4. I wish I had realized earlier in life that a winter wedding = a first look. You literally have to take photos before because it’s dark!!

  5. Cake was not that important to us, and I trusted Publix to make the very simple cake we needed happen… and they forgot all about my order. I’m still angry.

  6. Our frosted glass sign shattered in fully dramatic fashion during my ceremony. SECURE YOUR SIGNS!

  7. My dad tried to decapitate me after walking me down the aisle. He “gave me away” then went to walk… my veil was long… he stepped, I jolted back… it was sketchy haha Everyone laughed!

  8. I literally did not see our cocktail hour food at all! I was busy chatting but I’m pretty sure there was an impressive cheese board!

  9. A photo was missing from our “memory shelves” and it still makes me sad. Accidents happen! It was my fault.

  10. We waited until the last second to get a small “tree” for our tree ceremony… it looked like a weed plant. I’m still LOLING!!

Cheers to weddings that aren’t perfect, my friends! ✨



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Briana Isales
Briana Isales
Jan 05, 2022

Your wedding was perfect! 💕 so glad I got to witness it!!

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