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What to do during Fall in Savannah, Ga

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about my favorite things to do in the lovely city I get to call home, Savannah, Ga! Savannah is so lovely in the fall... our weather is incredibly mild and true Fall doesn’t even start until November or so. We have days with temps around 60° until Christmas with the occasional extra chilly or extra warm day mixed in. Haha!

Anyway, this city is so enjoyable year around but I think Savannah’s natural spooky/haunted vibe fits so well with fall! So, without further ado, here’s my FAVE activities to do in Savannah during the chillier months!

1. Ghost tour! Whether you choose the hearse tour or the walking tour, go on a ghost tour for sure! Grab a hot toddy or beverage of your choice and enjoy the spooky vibes!

2. Horse drawn carriage tour! I mean... how perfect for fall, amiright?! Nothing is more romantic than bundling up for a carriage tour in fall! Again, grab a warm beverage and enjoy the ride!

3. Tour Bonaventure Cemetary! Doesn’t get more spooky than Bonaventure... an absolute must-see and great photo spot if you’re into the eerie vibes! Book a tour, you’ll learn so much!

4. Book a night at the Hamilton Turner Inn. This absolutely charming historic Inn is located in the heart of the city and is always decked out for fall! The ornate steps leading to the front door are always laden with pumpkins and foliage. Awesome spot for some Fall pics.

5. Wander through Forsyth Park. This goes for any time of the year! Enjoy the cooler temps and meander your way through the many acres

of hundred year old oaks covered in spanish moss. In late fall, the park will have a couple trees with leaves that have turned to the most beautiful bright gold. Perfect spot for fall photos.

6. Enjoy a chilly rooftop beverage or meal! Almost every spot has heaters available and amazing views. Some of my faves are:

The Peregrin

Myrtle & Rose

The Bohemian

The Grove

7. Tybee Island! Go to the beach! My personal favorite time to take advantage of our local beaches is in the Fall! I know not everyone enjoys going to the beach during the cooler months but I find that bringing a blanket to read out on the beach in the fall is incredibly peaceful and calming! If you dislike crowds, absolutely check out Tybee or HHI in the Fall!

8. Find a local coffee shop to hang at! Coffee + cooler weather = Heaven on earth! We have so many amazing coffee shops in Savannah. Some of my faves are:

Henny Penny Café

Paris Market

The Coffee Fox

Fox and Fig

The Sentient Bean

Foxy Loxy

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope this makes you want to plan a trip to Savannah in the fall!



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