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Three (U.S.) Places to Visit A-S-A-P!

1. Boston / Salem, MASS

One of my absolute faves! If you live somewhere that doesn't experience true "Fall"... go to Boston in October and cry over all the amazing foliage like me. Also- 100% take a day trip to Salem. Salem is so funky and unique, you will love it *especially* if you love Halloween. Salem also had equally incredible “Fall vibes” and a million photo opportunities. Take a tour and enjoy. We went Nov. 1st and Boston and Salem were incredible. 10/10. Will for sure be back!

2. Telluride, CO

Okay... I had never even really heard of Telluride before I went and boy was I hooked the second we got into town. We went at the end of January so it was snow-central. We ski'd and it was pretty intense (maybe not a great place for beginners) but such a fun town even if you don't venture into snow sports. The whole town is as charming as could be. Super colorful, friendly locals, very walkable. I loved it! Can't wait to go back sometime.

3. Savannah, GA

Yes, yes, I'm biased as this is my home and I adore where I live. But, hear me out, Savannah is an amazing place to visit. I suggest coming in the Fall or Spring. Specifically, October/November or March/April. There is so much to do and flipping awesome foodie spots. Not to mention, the whole city is basically an Instagramer's paradise! I like to describe Savannah as a combination of Europe, Charleston, and a history museum. Ha! Come visit, do all the tours, and try all the food! You'll love it!

That's it for today, let me know your thoughts or questions on these spots! Chat more on Insta, @SimplyNikiBBlog.



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