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Hi guys! Wow, I look at this picture and I feel very proud! At the beginning of the year I had the revolutionary (😉) idea to read more in 2022. My phone is my work lifeline and also a part of my hobby, so I’m always looking for activities that make it so I have to put my phone away for a bit. Reading is kinda tough to do while also scrolling. ;) So, I joined Book of the Month and haven’t looked back!

Some of my favorites are from my BOTM membership and some are not. But I HIGHLY recommend joining. For me, The membership is also motivation to read since I’m paying for it. So, it helps with accountability!


I read a few more books than what made the final stack but these are my spring ‘22 favorites in order from BOTTOM to TOP! Truly though, if they made my stack at all then I am a fan and I recommend! Happy Reading! 📚

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1. One Italian Summer! This was my recent FAVORITE! This book inspired us to book an Italy trip to where the book takes place. It was magical and light! I loved it.

2. Bringing Down the Duke- This book was hard to get into at first and the old school

english made it even tougher but midway through I switched over to Audible and really began to enjoy it! If you love Bridgerton… I think you would enjoy! BUY HERE-

3. Beach Read- This book is easy to read and perfect for a quick vacation option. I really liked, it’s a good mix of flirty + deep. It gave me Nicholas Sparks vibes a little… which I love!

4. Firefly Lane- LORD this book made me LOL & SOB! The only reason it’s not higher on my list is because it gets real heavy towards the end and had me feeling it for DAYS after. This book was incredible though! Just not so much of a “light read”.

5. The Love Hypothesis- This book was adorable. Corny at times (perfect for me) but a good mix of intelligent and whitty, too! Fun especially if you’re in academia.

6. The Golden Couple- The ending of this book SHOOK me. Haven’t been so shocked by a book in ages. Perfect for more of a suspense lover!

7. The Unsinkable Greta James- This book was more of a chill read, it all takes place on an Alaskan cruise which is very cool to read! Not too deep but definitely a bit emotional.

Only recent book that I truly couldn’t make it through- Like a Sister

*The plot is just not for me!

Thanks for reading, friends!



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