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Quick Instant Pot Spaghetti Recipe!

I know why you’re here… we’ll cut to the chase! 😉 This is my tried & true IP Spaghetti recipe and our FAVORITE way to eat Spaghetti these days! So simple, so good!

- I set my instant pot to sauté and brown the ground beef until it’s done and then turn the instant pot off.

-Then I take a jar of my favorite sauce and pour that in and then fill the jar with water and pour that in.

-Next, I use a regular size box of spaghetti noodles and break them in half. Then, lay them all in a row into the liquid. (I kind of press them down so that they’re submerged but I do not try to mix it.)

-Manual for 12 minutes, and when it’s done, stir it up! 🍝

*If you’re feelin‘ fancy you can sauté some onions with garlic salt, garlic, onion powder, whatever you like, really, before browning your ground beef, but it’s not totally necessary!

Enjoy, friends!



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