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Our eight week olds schedule

Baby schedules are so weird and there's a million different online courses that sort of all say the same thing... though I didn't officially do any of them so what do I know!? I'm not sharing this as advice by any means, but more so to maybe help out a mom who's struggling or just make another mom feel more reassured in their day to day.

In a perfect world, this schedule would work for us the majority of the time but, of course, babies are not super reliable, so pretty much every day something on the schedule changes or gets messed up. BUT, we at least strive for this schedule. Not having any kind of routine was one of the hardest transitions for me into motherhood, so, having this to rely on, gives me some needed peace and sanity. I know I already said it... but I just want to make sure everyone knows that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing so please don't take this as advice and if I have learned anything it is that every single baby is different and what works for some definitely won't work for others. Cheers to mommin' the best we can for our babies! 🤍

Scottie Schedule - 8 weeks

6:45am- awake, feed, swing, mom gets coffee

7:30- get ready for nap. Diaper, swaddle

7:45- nap

9:45- awake, feed, hang out, baby massage

10:45- get ready for nap. Diaper, swaddle

11:00- nap

12:00- sometimes she takes a short nap and wakes up after an hour, sometimes longer

12:30- awake, get dressed for the day, feed, hang out

1:45- get ready for nap. Diaper, swaddle

2:00- nap

4:00pm- awake, feed, hang out, baby massage

5:00pm- get ready for nap. Diaper, swaddle

5:15pm- nap

6:15/30pm- awake, feed, go outside, tummy time, baby massage, distraction

7:30pm- prep bedroom for bed

7:45pm- sink bath, outside for warmth lol

8:00pm- lotion, jammies, feed

8:30pm- swaddle, in bed, night night

8:35pm- Tripp / Niki eat dinner

10:00pm- parent bed time

12:30am- awake, feed

3:30am- awake, feed, unswaddle, change, back to bed

6:45am- start it over again



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