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Nutpods Info & Discount Code

Y’all know I am DIE-HARD Nutpods creamer and have been for years! Wellll before they were kind enough to offer me an affiliate spot.

I wanted to post a blog where you all could access all my Nutpods info! So, first off, you can always shop for Nutpods with FREE SHIPPING at

My affiliate code is simplynikibblog for a % off your order.

My favorite classic flavor is French Vanilla, but I truly love every single flavor they have.

My favorite seasonal flavors are Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Spice!

I would also like to add that Chocolate is reallllly growing on me lately. If you like a mocha vibe... try the chocolate.

We also always have Original Nutpods on hand to use in recipes in place of dairy-full milk.

What’s your favorite #NUTPODS flavor?!



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