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My Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable HOME DECOR!

Oh, home decor... forever the death of my wallet. Ha! It's important to note, none of the places I shop are revolutionary, but more-so, I just wanted a list to guide those who may not already shop for home decor often. So, let's do it!

Coming in at the top of the list is.... (to no ones surprise)

  1. Home Goods

Oh how I LOVE Home Goods. The prices are great, the pieces are somewhat unique, and the inventory is forever changing. For these reasons, it receives my number one spot.

2. Amazon

We all love Amazon... I mean, who doesn't shop on Amazon these days?! Amazon is like a realm for all things from groceries and gifts to home decor. I love shopping for home decor on Amazon because pricing is decent, convenience level is top-notch, and most of the time they have anything and everything I would be looking for.

3. Goodwill (Yes, really!)

Friends who know me "IRL" know that Goodwill is #BAE in my mind. I'm a huge fan and have been for YEARS! (Ironic because I hated second hand clothing as a child...) Finding good pieces at Goodwill does require a little bit of vision and creativity but mostly it just takes practice! You have to go repeatedly until you start getting better at ruling out the junk and only seeing the gold!!

4. Target

A classic. 'Nuff said. Target has great items and pretty good prices, too. If we had one closer to our house, I fear I would be there every day. I love that Target works hard to pair with new designers and constantly has new lines coming in.

and lastly... just a list of other places I frequently shop for #HomeDecor:

Wayfair, TJ Maxx, World Market, etc... there are too many good ones, I could go on forever!

Where do you love to shop?!



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