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Let's chat Instagram stories...

Instagram stories are...... MY BEST FRIEND. And they can be yours too when utilized properly. I swear Instagram stories can make or break your account. Even if you have amazing content and people like your product or service, you will only build their trust when you show up and show the REAL.

When you show up on stories and show your real life and people see that your life isn't that different from theirs, it builds trust. It shows them that you're normal... and they're normal, so why wouldn't they try whatever it is that's working for you? I truly believe that the root of almost everyone's day to day life (excluding the insanely wealthy and maybe the Kardashian's, HA) is full of commonalities, similarities, and relatable struggles. Here's a perfect example; when I see someone struggling with keeping their floors clean because they have a large hairy dog and they say that they've found a product that helps, I think, "well... I also have a large hairy dog, and I know this girl wouldn't just be pushing this product for money, so maybe I should try what she's trying!"

Now, I realize that you don't technically have to show up on your Instagram stories in order to build this same level of trust, however, there really is no good way to keep your curated feed looking how you want it to look while also sharing "the everyday real REAL". Of course, you should show up on your feed with however much "real" you feel comfortable sharing, but if you're like me and you're more comfortable sharing the "real" in a less permanent way, stories is where it's at!

You can share your unedited, unfiltered, boring-ass life on stories and trust me when I say people WILL show up to watch you and check-in with you on the daily. Think about the people whose stories you watch every single day, are you watching for their beautiful and perfect lives that aren't relatable to you at all? NO. You're watching the girl who gets up and hustles through her work day just to try to squeeze in a workout and some alone time before her kids get back from school, etc. etc.! You need to be that girl.

Don't be the "everything is perfection" girl, be the "holy sh*t I got nothing done today and honestly it's going to be fine" girl, because when it comes to building trust and a relationship... I am not calling the "everything is perfection" girl, I'm definitely calling the "REAL" girl for advice/recommendations/support.

So, here's a couple of Instagram stories tips I've pulled from my "Level-up your insta-preneurship" workshop:


-Go on your stories one day and re-introduce yourself and lay it ALL out there. Tell your followers that things are going to be changing on your page and you'll be showing up on your stories everyday from here on out. Invite them to stick around if they want but also that it's okay if they no longer want to! It will make you more comfortable if you just break the ice and tell everyone straight up. After that, don't look back!

-Aim for minimum 10 stories per day.

-Add calls to action in your stories daily, examples:

"Join my fit group, I’ve got 7/10 spots still available in next months group, DM me if you want info!"

"Go double tap my last post if you HATE buying jeans too!"

"Tag a friend on my last post to show them you're thinking of them!"

-Post literally anything, stories is the space to be authentic through and through. People stick around for personal life stuff, not the salesy stuff.

-People want relatable, inspiring, *personal*. Stories is your way for them to get to know you on a more personal/vulnerable level.

Share your everyday life on Stories.

Here's some random ideas of things you could be posting on stories every single day:

Your daily goals

Meal plan

Healthy packed lunch for work

Hard day struggles

Daily inspiration

Shopping finds

Kids schedule

Outfit of the day

Workout clothes

Hydration reminders

Things you love

Skincare faves

Grocery hauls

Good deals

Home decor

Ask for suggestions or advice

Travel photos/tips

Your favorite things

Date night ideas

Workout clips

I hope this helps you kick-start your stories-game into HIGH gear!

Find me on Instagram, @simplynikibblog, to learn more about my Instagram-workshops and how to continue this conversation with me about the 'gram!

Until next time,



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