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From my Followers • Go-to Wine Under $30!

Alright, so, I'm very new to drinking wine. I know, I know, a disgrace. LOL Anytime I told someone I hated wine they were taken aback! Haha. However, I think I was just too young when I first tried wine and then all the moscato and Arbor Mist in college scarred the crap out of me. Now that I'm a mature adult lady... Just kidding! I'm barely any of those things aside from being a "lady", ha! I really decided to go on this wine drinking journey while registering for gifts for our upcoming wedding. Now, yes I am aware at how stupid and superficial this may sound... but it's the truth. I think wine glasses are so pretty. Like, SO pretty. Give me a long thin stemmed wine glass for a pic and I am golden. In the past, I would take my fiancé's wine just for the pic! Lol... Anyway... I thought about the four different sets of wine glasses on our registry and decided that if I'm going to potentially own that many lovely wine glasses, I'm going to find a wine I like.

Honestly, wine is such a culture. It truly has a way of bringing people (mostly ladies) together to sip and chat. I want to be a part of the culture, as lame as that sounds. I know this can be done with other beverages or no alcohol, of course, but some part of my brain just repeatedly shows me reels from movies where the group of middle aged "mom types" are laughing uncontrollably over wine and cheese. I want that! So, began my quest to become a "wine person". TBH, it didn't take long! Haha! I guess my palate has changed over the years because I immediately liked a lot of the wines that I tried. I attest this to my ever-diminishing sweet tooth. I used to love candy, sugar in coffee, sweet alcoholic drinks, but now, I can't stand them! I weened myself off of sugar in my coffee yearsss ago and since I've been on this health journey I've cut back on all sugar substantially. Before, wine tasted bitter and tart, now, I want it for the lack of sweetness, go figure!

I've tried soo many different kinds since starting out on this wine journey and found a couple that I really like and one that I really love! It's number one on my list below! I asked my 1,600 Instagram followers to share with me wines under $30 (bc lets be realistic here...) that they love and they did not disappoint! Not all that shocking since the majority of my following are women between the ages of 21-35. Ha! So, without further ado, here's all the wines that were recommended to me via Instagram!

  1. Oyster Bay, Sauvignon Blanc

  2. Decoy, Pinot Noir

  3. Meomi, Pinot Noir

  4. Josh Cellars, Cabernet

  5. Whispering Angel, Rosé

  6. Josh Cellars, all types!

  7. Stella Rosa Wines

  8. 19 Crimes

  9. Louis Martini, Cabernet

  10. Los Alamos, Red Blend

  11. Bartenura, Moscato

  12. Cupcake, Moscato d'asti

  13. Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc

  14. 19 Crimes, Red Blend

  15. Kim Crawford, all types!

  16. Z. Alexander Brown, all types!

  17. Meomi, all types!

  18. Cupcake, Moscato

  19. Bota Box, Nighthawk

  20. 14 Hands, Cabernet Sauvignon

  21. Campo Viejo, Rioja Tempranillo

  22. Carayon La Rose

  23. Charles Shaw Rosé

  24. Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio

  25. Santa Rosa Wines

  26. La Crema, Chardonnay

  27. Sonoma, Cutrer

  28. conundrum Wine

  29. Apothic Red

  30. Roscato

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