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From my Followers- Favorite Movie's OF-ALL-TIME!

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

  2. The Wedding Planner

  3. The Parent Trap

  4. You've Got Mail (multiple suggestions)

  5. The Proposal

  6. Remember the Titans

  7. A Dogs Purpose

  8. Hocus Pocus

  9. Fifty Shades of Grey

  10. Bad Mom's

  11. Ghost

  12. Instant Family (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!)

  13. My Best Friend's Wedding

  14. Practical Magic

  15. Love Simon

  16. The Notebook

  17. Bad Mom's Christmas

  18. Sweet Home Alabama (One of my all time faves, suggested multiple times)

  19. Legally Blonde

  20. I Can Only Imagine

  21. Twilight Saga

  22. Crazy Rich Asians

  23. The Titanic

  24. Halloweentown

  25. Elf

  26. Aladdin (real life remake)

  27. 50 First Dates

  28. Mamma Mia

  29. Princess Bride

  30. Gone with the Wind

Hope this is helpful for your next movie night! I hate mindlessly scrolling Netflix and HULU wasting precious "relaxing" time trying to pick a movie, haha! Hopefully, you guys can refer back to this list when you're in need of a quick movie rec!




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