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Four Habits that made me Healthier!

There are SO many habits I’ve changed over the years. I’m pretty much a different person than I was in, let’s say... 2010. From high school to college I changed A LOT. Anyone else?? But from college to full-on adulthood, I feel like I changed into the person I really want to be and as corny as it sounds, the person I feel like I’m MEANT to be.

With that being said, here’s four habits that really make me feel like the healthier version of myself.

  1. I lay my clothes out for the next day before bed. Seems simple, but for me, it means less chaos and stress in the morning which makes a big impact on my day!

  2. As soon as I wake up, I go straight to the living room/kitchen and do my three necessary tasks. Fill up my 40oz water bottle (this way I have no excuse not to drink it throughout the day). Feed my dog, obviously vital. Cover our furniture so that said dog doesn’t ruin everything we own. Sticking to this routine everyday makes me feel like I’m leaving my house every morning knowing I’ve taken care of the three most important things I needed to.

  3. Even on the days I don’t work out, I try to at least go outside after work and take a walk, play with Nollie, or just sit out on the porch. That little bit of fresh air and vitamin D makes a huge difference to me. It makes me feel like I still got to do something for me, post-work!

  4. I get gas when it’s convenient instead of waiting until the least convenient time. This took conscious effort and practice. I was a *ride on empty for three days* type of person, but that basically only leads to stress and added anxiety because it’s always the WORST DAY possible when I realize I have to get gas. By getting it when I’m less stressed, I do myself the solid of NOT making my mornings MORE stressful.

As minuscule as these things seem, they make a big impact for me! What little things have you changed that make you healthier?

Cheers! NB

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