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Four beauty products I can't live without

I'm S-O not a beauty blogger type of person. I wear makeup maybe 4 times a month. Ha! Luckily, I had the type of job that supports this lifestyle. I do, however, love clean beauty products and take ingredients very seriously. Like, if it's not safe to eat I probably won't include it in my skincare routine. I'm slightly more lax about makeup because switching every product to something greener is crazy expensive (ya girls on a budget, duh) plus I really don't wear makeup very often so for now, I'm just going to keep rolling with what I have!

Below you will find FIVE beauty products that I love and have used for years! No false advertising 'round here, these products are sitting in my bathroom right-freaking-now. Let me know if you try any of these or already love them!

1. This is my fave fave fave "face wash" type of product out there. It starts as an oil cleanser and turns into a milky consistency when water is added. I am obsessed. I have this on my counter and in my shower. The ingredients are incredible and as most of you already know, I've been a raving fan of Cocokind for 5+ years now. They're quality and pricing just can't be beat.

2. Shocker shocker. I've already written an entire post solely about this product. If you have oily or break-out prone skin then you NEED this product. I'm confident that this product is what stopped me from getting anymore of those painful under the surface pimples (more like bumps, am I right?!) below the corners of my mouth (side of chin area). If you have dry skin, try the rosewater toner instead of this one as this may be too drying!

3. I have purchased this product probably 20 times??? 'Nuff said. I currently have one of these in my purse, one by my bed, and one at my work. I used to get really painful almost peeling lips in the colder months, it was gross! (Also, it really hurt!) After I started using the MyMatcha stick from Cocokind, I never looked back. It is amazing and has prevented my lips from ever feeling that way again. I also slather it under my eyes to de-puff! Again- the ingredients can't be matched. Soo great!

4. As I said before, I'm not a makeup guru my any means. I don't think I even own foundation that actually matches my skin tone. Ha. But, this... This mascara from Honest Co. Beauty by Jessica Alba is so good. I have decent eyelashes but I hated having to curl them with an eyelash curler all the time, it just didn't seem good for them. This primer + mascara duo has me shook! So easy and completely takes the eye lash curler step out of the picture. It is the only Mascara I've ever said, "I will 100% purchase this again." Plus- its paraben and fragrance free, important!

And there ya have it! Four of my holy-grail products!

Until next time, friends!



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