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Foolproof Coffee Table Design Templates

Hi gals! I've wanted to do this for awhile and while things are by no means slow right now... they have certainly chilled out after an absolutely insane holiday season.

What led me to create these templates... Hmm. I used to hate decorating my coffee table. It just didn't come that naturally to me and that would frustrate me. It never felt "done".

Well, after practice practice practice I now think I have a formula for success every time no matter the table shape. Below you'll find my favorite coffee table "formats". The best part? It can work for whatever versions of these items that YOU like or that goes with your decor! By all means, switch the books to Joanna Gaines + rustic trays/jars. I promise if you roughly follow this guide for your table shape, your table will look intentional and bring happiness to your everyday!

I would love to hear you thoughts on these and/or your coffee table suggestions!

Want links? Message me on Instagram!




Hope this helps those of you who feel like I used to! ;)



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