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Five Ways to Make Your Home Extra Special for Guests!

1. Carafe of water by the bed! Adds such a classy touch to a room, and who doesn’t need water before bed?? I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t take a glass to bed! Here’s a set I love!

2. Essential oil diffuser in the room! This definitely feels a little boujee but truly, this is a more safe solution to keep a room consistently smelling amazing. You can’t keep a candle burning but you can keep a diffuser plugged in pretty much all the time! It can also act as a nightlight if guests prefer some light. Here’s two I like!

Yes, this is a diffuser! ^Link

3. Basket of towels! To me, this is the epitome of having your ish together! This way your guests won’t ever have to ask for a towel and can shower whenever they want. Nothing‘s worse than getting up earlier than everyone else and wanting to shower but not knowing where to find a towel. Here’s a basket & some towels I like!

4. Make the WIFI password easily assessable! Sometimes this is the first thing guests ask (😂), it’s just the day and age we’re in now! I find it easier to have it displayed in their room so they don’t even have to ask and know exactly how it’s spelled. Here’s a cute way to display it:

5. Bowl of grab snacks! Asking for snacks is sometimes awkward when you’re visiting someone else’s home and not everyone is hungry at the same time. If I remember, I try to set out a little bowl of grab snacks for everyone to pull from whenever they want! Some snack I include: Pre-packaged nuts, granola bars, chomps sticks, chips, chocolate, etc. Here’s a pretty bowl I like!

Thanks so much for sticking around & shopping my commission links! I appreciate ya!



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