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  1. I love activities! I don’t do well sitting in boredom and much prefer to get out and go or do something within my home! A few current passions of mine… dancing, blogging, exercising, walking the city, organizing, skiing, hiking, biking, water activities, etc.!

  2. I grew up in the Atlanta suburbs but we had sort of rare situation where we had a small (4 acre) chunk of land in the middle of a neighborhood. So, I felt like I had a good mix of suburbia & playing in the dirt growing up!

  3. Traditions & experiences with the people I love most are incredibly important to me. I can’t wait to have a family and start ALL the traditions. We didn’t have many growing up but the ones we did have were very special and I mourned them after we stopped doing them.

  4. I used to love winter (Dec. 27th baby here!) but now that we live in Savannah and I enjoy all the water activities so much, I have started to enjoy summer more and more! Outside of the sweating, it could be my fave!

  5. I was having bad skin issues in college and decided (cold turkey!) to never sleep with makeup on again. …and I never have once since that day. Not a single drunken evening or even my wedding could break my 6+ year streak! My skin is better than ever now for many reasons and I’m so proud!

If you’re still here! I love ya!



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