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FIVE random decorating tips!

Should’ve finished off that title with... “from the opposite of a pro!” Ha! I try my best and aesthetics do come easier to me than, well, most other things. But, still, I’m no professional and you should seek the help of a real interior designer for official help. Nonetheless, here are five random tips for decorating your home!

  1. When in doubt, go neutral! If you’re not 100% set in one style or fully confident in exactly what you want, choose neutral for your big expense pieces, such as; couch, chairs, rug, coffee table, etc. This allows you to add and adapt your color palate as much as you want. Just switch up your pillows, coffee table decor, and other less expensive accent pieces.

  2. PLANTS! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plants are important! They help to brighten up any room and add a fresh feel to a space. Once you’ve added a plant to a room, it really begins to feel like you’re “at home!”

  3. Curtains & finishing pieces can be a huge factor in making your home feel like a real ”adult” home. Doesn’t have to be expensive, do your research and utilize Pinterest to find a style you like that’s affordable from shops like Amazon and Wayfair!

  4. Paint! I don’t care if you’re painting a gray room gray. Fresh paint is absolutely necessary. Personally, I don’t feel like a home is fully “clean” and “mine” until there is fresh paint on the walls. Save some money, do it yourself! You can, I promise! When painting, learn the difference between warm and cool undertones and make sure you choose accordingly.

  5. Get creative! Y’all know I’m not afraid of a DIY! Pinterest is FULL of ideas on improving your home on a budget. Of course, do your research before starting a new project and try to do all the prep work in advance to make day-of go smoother. Hate the tile in your bathroom? Paint it! Want to add some character to your home? Do a DIY accent wall! You got this!

Let me know if you enjoy this type of content! Find me on Instagram: @thenikiblackwell

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time,

Niki B.

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