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Favorite spots for drinks in Savannah, Ga

There are so many good drink spots in this lovely city I get to call home, I can't even begin to name them all! So instead, I'm just going to tell you MY favorites! Here's the thing, I'm almost 27 and live a pretty suburban life... Ha! So, this list is going to be geared towards more upscale "trendy" places with good views, because who doesn't come to SAV for the views?! If you're looking to dance the night away or looking for the "dive-bar" feel, these may not be the places for you. That is a list for a different day... Lol!

Anyway, let's jump right in! Here are some of my go-to's when it comes to grabbing casual drinks with friends or swooning over the sunset from a rooftop on a warm Savannah evening!

  1. The Peregrin

The Peregrin is my go-to, #1 bae. It's a rooftop bar on the top of The Perry Lane (boutique) Hotel. It was only built a couple years ago and I actually watched a lot of it come together from my work place at the time! Peregrin took "rooftop bar" and made it super chic and modern. It has amazing city views, corn hole on the turf, lots of seating, and one of my favorite drinks in town, the Mezcalita. And don't forget to grab a "Chef Board" for an appetizer, I mean who doesn't love charcuterie?!

2. Plant Riverside District, "Electric Moon Skytop Lounge + The Moon Deck"

This spot is brand spanking new, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love! From the split river view/city view, the adult *slide*, the second floor (which you access by slide), the view of the illuminated historic smoke stacks, LED swing sets, and the life-size Twister, HOW could you not LOVE this place? Kessler has done it, again! Run there and get the "Hydro-Electric Margarita" and the "Tuna Poke Tacos"! Okay?

3. The Bohemian Hotel bar, "Rocks on the Roof", a classic.

This spot is a Savannah classic I've been visiting for years! You can usually follow the sound of the live music up to the rooftop, but don't forget to take some pics in the stunning lobby! The Bohemian has breathtaking views of the river and Savannah's Historic District and is truly one of the best bars in all of SAV. Get a "Kessler Margarita" or "Georgia Peach" and enjoy your evening with amazing views of the Talmadge Bridge over the Savannah River.

4. The Grove

The Grove is a somewhat new restaurant & rooftop bar in Savannah’s City Market. We were lucking enough to score a table here to watch the 4th of July fireworks in the city two years ago and it was such a special night! *Be sure to call ahead if you want to do this sometime! If you go to The Grove, you absolutely have to get their "Champagne Pop", which is a glass of prosecco with a locally made King of Pops popsicle in the glass! AND you cannot leave without getting their "Cheese and Charcuterie Plate", it is one of my favorites in the whole city!

5. The Wyld

Okay, okay, it isn't a rooftop... but it does have absolutely incredible views of the marsh and the perfect "Savannah" atmosphere. If you can, at least venture out for the drinks and the view and when you fall in love, like me, definitely stay for the sunset and dinner! I get the fish/shrimp tacos and they are to-die-for. You will want to hang out at The Wyld all day and all night. Everyone I take, falls in love. It's a bit of a secret local spot so shhh. Keep this hidden gem on the DL!

I can't wait for you to try some of these spots, and be sure to tag me when you do!

Find me on Insta, @simplynikibblog to chat more!



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