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Amazon FAVES! It's FALL!!

Okay y'all! This is a big one! SOO many of you guys requested my next couple "Amazon FAVES" to be ALL things FALL! And... of course, I was happy to comply! I typically don't decorate for holidays in a literal sense... So, for me, decorations for FALL verses decorations for Halloween are really different! For me, decorating for "Fall" is just warming up my space a bit without all the orange/black and HELLA pumpkins. Haha! So, today's "Amazon FAVES" displays that... ways that I would warm up my space for Fall! I found some seriously cute stuff!

My next "Amazon FAVES" list will be for full-on Halloween! So, stay tuned by subscribing so you don't miss it! As always, I SO SO appreciate when you shop using my links!



1. Rustic Checkered Plaid Pillows:

2. Set of 6 Pack Handmade Velvet Pumpkins:

3. Eucalyptus & Magnolia Wreath:

4. Dried Pampas Grass Plumes:

5. Striped Boho Farmhouse Pillow Covers:

6. Modern Rustic Pillow covers:

7. Herringbone blanket:

8. The Flower Recipe Coffee table Book:

9. Theology of Home Coffee table Book:

10. Nest Candle "Birchwood Pine":

11. Blue Acrylic Decorative Tray:

12. Sweet Water Decor Leaves Reed Diffuser:

13. 2 Pack Macrame Woven Tassel Garland:

14. Woven Rattan Electric Wax Melt Warmer:

15. Fairwood Way Rattan and Wood Picture Frame:

16. Coasters With Holder Brass:

17. Fowl Wing Quill:

18. Ceramic Vase:

19. Pink Ceramic Dish:

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