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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Well HEY! Let’s jump into my go-to meal plan when I otherwise have no idea what to cook that week!

We eat pretty healthy in my household but we don’t follow any strict diet. I try to eat less on the carby side and more on the fresh veggies side of things but I definitely love my pasta! I’ve done a lot of research about whole30 and try to use that knowledge when looking at ingredient lists, but we certainly are not diligent about this and just try to eat well-balanced fresh foods!

You have to do what’s best for your family! If you and your family don’t eat dairy or you live a keto lifestyle… I am so happy that you found something that works for you! I just prefer to live with a balanced mindset versus following a specific diet!

  1. Okay, first step, this is easy because Mondays are usually one of the tougher days of the week and I don’t want to have to worry too much about dinner. I just want something comforting after work so this is usually the day that we will do a pasta. Pasta is just so reliable an easy. One of our favorite recipes is instant pot spaghetti! I know there are one million ways to do spaghetti and everyone has their opinions… but my husband and I just love the way the instant pot spaghetti turns out! It truly tastes like grown-up (healthier) Chef Boyardee! I’ve heard other people say the exact same thing, so I know I’m not crazy! We do mix it up, but Instant Pot spaghetti is one of my go to choices because it is just so dang simple!

  2. Usually, I base our meal plan on our proteins, so, if we do ground beef the day before then the next day I would switch it up and do something like chicken. We love to do some version of buffalo chicken, sometimes that means buffalo chicken lettuce wraps, sometimes buffalo chicken bowls. Usually, we just boil the chicken shred it up, and then add all the ingredients to make buffalo chicken. That would be our main protein accompanied by salad or sweet potatoes or whatever we’re feelin’ that evening!

  3. Alright, by this point I’m probably tired of cooking LOL so we would do something easy like a chicken apple sausage sheet pan dinner. This is such a simple recipe that we have always done. It’s only downfall is that it is a chopathon! But, once you’ve chopped everything you just throw it onto a sheet pan, top it with some extra virgin olive oil and spices of your choice, bake until veggies are to your likeness! Some things we always include are… bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and sometimes we even do a separate pan for some (largely) diced sweet potatoes at the bottom of our bowls!

  4. Okay, so we’re onto day four of the week, depending on what season this is, our choice could vary… in the winter I do like to cook soups or use my crockpot for a richer recipe and in the warmer months we might do something like burgers or brats, maybe steak kebabs, or even wings are a staple in our household! For the sake of this pretend meal plan I’m going to say that we are making “French Dips” which are another staple in our house, they definitely do not fall into the “healthy” category per se… however they are deeelicious! My husband really takes the reins on these, basically we just buy a good quality sliced roast beef from the grocery store, some hoagie rolls, and cheese of our choice. Usually, we complement these little sandwiches with some sort of cucumber salad or diced sweet potatoes!

  5. Yay! It’s Friday! Usually we plan four meals each week and we either go out one day of the week or we end up grabbing something like steak for Friday night! We usually plan to only go out for dinner one night per week so typically that either lies on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. However, this definitely changes at times because we will occasionally meet our friends for Mexican on a weeknight and then sometime still have a date night on the weekend! We are not overly strict, but we do try to make all the meals that we bought for the week happen! Not sure if this is something that other people do… this is something we have always naturally followed because we cannot afford to be wasteful!

Hope this little mock “meal plan” is helpful to you and maybe you gain some inspiration for your weekly dinners. Another tip that I can offer is to make whatever meal is going to end up with the most leftovers at the beginning of the week so that everyone has lunches (unless of course you don’t typically take your lunch to work or school)!

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you!



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