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Cruising during COVID

Okay, HI! So, I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding cruising during Covid upon posting about our honeymoon cruise that we finally leave on tomorrow!! YAY! We actually went on a shorter cruise in the fall of last year to feel out what it was like cruising during Covid and to really make sure we still wanted to go through with our longer trip for our honeymoon. Obviously, we decided we definitely did want to still go on our honeymoon cruise as we leave tomorrow, but I wanted to break down a little bit of the differences and our experience for everyone here!

  1. Masks in fully indoor places when not actively eating, drinking, or sitting.

  2. Masks not required while in outdoor areas like the pool!

  3. Masks while walking to dinner and table.

  4. Once you were seated in the theatre's, no masks required.

  5. No boats are operating at full capacity to my knowledge, so crowing was never an issue!

  6. Hand washing stations + sanitation stations were everywhere + free masks.

  7. Hand washing required before entering the buffet dining halls.

  8. Buffett dining halls are no longer serve yourself but there was always someone there to serve you!

  9. Less group activities like belly flop contest and bingo, for sure, but there was still plenty to do!

  10. The shows (theatre + comedy) were still great! No difference.

That is my take away from sailing on Royal Caribbean this past fall. I would say strictness level was around 7/10 but they are incredibly nice about it. Worst part I thought, was not knowing where someone stands on meeting new people/making cruise friends… one of our favorite parts! And seeing the boat staffs smiling faces! 💙 Everyone was beyond kind and clearly so happy to be back! I would definitely recommend booking if you feel comfortable and are vaccinated.

Hope this helps!



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