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Birthday / Gift Guide for the ladies *UNDER $30

Okay y'all. I'm pretty stoked about this one. Honestly, I don't understand why people only do gift guides at Christmas/the holiday season. I feel like I constantly need gifts for people... birthdays, bridal, house warming... etc.!

So, I made this #AMAZONFAVES list a generic gift giving guide for the LADIES, and everything in UNDER $30 plus free shipping because #Amazon. LOL

Let me know what you think or if you know of something I should add to my next list! Thanks for always shopping my links!

  1. Silicone Wine Glasses:

  2. Volcano Candle:

  3. Classic White Sneaker:

  4. Three pack Sports bras:

  5. Camo leggings:

  6. Tortoise Shell Hoops:

  7. Yeti mug:

  8. Light up makeup mirror:

  9. Marble Makeup Bag:

  10. "Homebody" by Joanna Gaines:

  11. Drybar Dry Shampoo:

  12. Gray Slippers:

  13. Makeup Organizer:

  14. White Oil Diffuser:

  15. Reed Diffuser:

  16. La Jolie Muse Candle:

  17. ZOVE Tennis Shoes:



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