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Best recipe for InstantPot Beginners- Super yummy InstantPot Spaghetti!

Writing out recipes scares me... ha! It just feels so permanent and I'm typically more of a free-spirit when it comes to the kitchen. So, before I even start, please use your best judgement when it comes to cooking this recipe (always). You're the one who knows your InstantPot. You also know yourself and your family best so go with what feels right for you! Okay- without further ado... let's make InstantPot spaghetti!

What you'll need:

  1. InstantPot (important LOL)

  2. One 16 oz pack spaghetti noodles of choice (angel hair is not good for this recipe, stick with classic spaghetti pasta)

  3. One 24 oz jar spaghetti sauce of choice

  4. One cup (or slightly under) diced yellow onion

  5. Garlic powder or fresh garlic

  6. Seasonings to taste. We use about a teaspoon of garlic powder, onion powder, and a couple shakes of garlic salt. I occasionally throw in some dried basil/oregano too.

  7. EVOO

  8. One pound ground beef of choice (we get the grass-fed beef from Walmart)

Okay, here we go!

To start, pour about 2 tbsp EVOO in your InstantPot and set to the "sauté" function. Let it heat up for a few mins then toss in your onions, garlic, and seasonings.

Once the onions are somewhat translucent (about 5-7 mins) add in your pound of ground beef and continue to sauté until your beef is cooked through. You want it to be pretty much 100% done before you turn the IP pressure function on.

Now that your ground beef is cooked through, turn off the sauté function (cancel). Let things chill out for a minute or so before moving onto the next step.

Alright, we're doing good so far! Go you! Let's now take our jar of spaghetti sauce and dump it on in, followed by a jar full of water. So, one 24 oz jar of sauce, and one 24 oz jar of water. *DO NOT STIR. The recipe works best if the ground beef stays mostly on the bottom. If you have any burnt spots on the bottom of your IP pot from browning the ground beef, you can take a *wooden spatula and gently scrape them. Usually the liquid from the sauce will help remove the burnt bits pretty easily.

NEXT! Almost done!! Alright, this is where it gets funky. So, pay attention. Haha! JK. (Kinda.) Take your noodles and break them in half, when you place them in your pot you want to lay them all the same direction (like this from a birds-eye view: IIIIIII) stacked on top of each other. So, kind of like creating a blanket of noodles. Lay them all the same direction (do not stand them up or throw them in willy-nilly.) After you've laid them all next to each other, DO NOT STIR, instead take your wooden spatula and gently separate the noodles using a vertical stabbing motion. I just kind of poke the noodles around until they are ALL submerged under what is mostly just saucy water on the top because we *didn't stir earlier. It looks weird because everything is kind of in layers in the pot but trust the process. No stirring allowed. Haha!

Ok, last step!! Once your noodles are all submerged next to each other (like this; IIIII), put your IP lid on and turn it to "SEALING", important to not blow your house up, LOL.

Set your IP to "Manual" for 12 minutes and let it be! Yay! After 12 mins, you can let it vent naturally or turn it to "VENTING" manually and release the pressure. Either way, it will be hot so prepare for that with an oven mit on. Use the wooden spatula to separate the noodles now that they're cooked and then stir it all together. All done! Serve with cheese of choice!

Once you do it a few times, this will become second nature and you will be able to go through the whole process in under 10 mins, I swear! Feel free to make the recipe your own!

Hope you all enjoy. This is mine and my fiancés absolute FAVORITE way to eat spaghetti now. Try it and let me know your thoughts!



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