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Anthro-inspired Amazon Gift Guide (without the Anthro pricing!)

OH MY LABOR OF LOVE. I hope you guys are as stunned by the beauty of this baby as I am! Ha! I worked really hard to curate a gift guide that would shock and fulfill all you guys' Anthro-vibes yet Amazon-priced dreams! And TBH, I think I succeeded!

I personally want everything on this list! I am SHOOK! And the pricing... WOWZA. I think you all will be shocked! Links below! Enjoy.

  1. Feather Quilt:

  2. Porcelain Bowl Set:

  3. One Line a Day Journal:

  4. Water color Capri Blue Candle:

  5. Boho Shower Curtain:

  6. Long Sleeve Printed Dress:

  7. Black and White Coasters:

  8. Red Midi Skirt:

  9. La Jolie Candle:

  10. Terrazo Water Bottle:

Happy Shopping!


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