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Amazon Gift Guide- for the Fashionista! Under $30!

Alright, for alllll my fashionista's out there... or friends of the fashion queens, here is my compiled list of Amazon goodies! These items all have good reviews and I'm sure any lucky lady would love them as gifts!

Let me know what you want to see next!

  1. Silk leopard skirt:

  2. Leopard booties:

  3. Oversized tan sherpa:

  4. Hot Pink Chunky Heel:

  5. Black off the shoulder dress:

  6. Two pack hoop earrings:

  7. Multi-choker necklace set:

  8. Ribbed Knit skirt:

  9. Lace Bralette:

  10. White sneakers:

  11. White ribbed tank:



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