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YAY!! My fave holiday ever! Hope you guys enjoy this Halloween round-up! This was so fun to make! Like I mentioned in my last fall-inspired post, I typically don't decorate in a literal sense when it comes to holidays until it's really close to the actual holiday.

So, I made this list as if I was really going to decorate for all of October with a full-on Halloween theme and boy... was it fun! Haha! I loved looking up less cheesy Halloween decor and blending it together to create a more classy yet still VERY halloween-y living room scape! Let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe to my blog so I can continue to make these! Thanks for shopping using my links!



  1. Hocus Pocus Pillows:

  2. Hocus Pocus doormat:

  3. Basic Witches Coffee table book:

  4. Feather wreath:

  5. Black and Orange pillows:

  6. Bat garland:

  7. The Resurrectionist Coffee Table Book:

  8. Ghostly Tales Coffee table book:

  9. Nest Candle, Hearth scent:

  10. Moon Phase wall hang:

  11. Striped blanket:

  12. Gold Skull:

  13. Gold Pumpkins:

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