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Amazon FAVES- Neutral Home

Hey guys! Long time no post... Ha! Covid + Wedding planning will really do you in. LOL

Nonetheless, I'm back now with another #Amazon Faves! This one showcases all the neutral vibes I'm loving from Amazon right now! I love color... but I also find so much beauty in neutrals and monotone color stories.

So, for this one, I envisioned redesigning my home with full-on neutrals in mind! Let me know what you think. As usual, I appreciate when you shop from my links!

Set of two cognac & white pillows:

Gold thin Candlesticks:

Rectangle blue and nude pillow:

Nude silicone utensils:

Set of 4 neutral frames:

Set of 3 wall baskets:

"Inspired By Nature" coffee table book:

Burgundy blanket:

Volcano candle:



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