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a Saturday morning well spent in Savannah, Ga

First stop- Henny Penny Café on Bull St.

One of my favorite coffee shops in the whole city. It’s part vegan-friendly coffee shop part kids art studio. If you know me, you know this is like my own version of heaven. Crafts, coffee, kids. Yes! (I’m basically a grown toddler so this kind of place really excites me!) As a “retired” nanny I have a huge appreciation for places that promote creativity in kids plus convenience and joy for moms. Who doesn’t want to sip coffee while their kid paints?! The best!

So, to kick off a Saturday in Savannah our first stop has to be Henny Penny! Here’s my go-to order:

Iced Matcha Latte w/ oat milk (unsweetened)

+ Vegan Strawberry Sprinkle Donut


Hot Horchata Latte

+ Bacon and cheese kolache

Next stop, the farmers market! Take your yummy coffee or matcha and head to Forsyth Park (walkable from Henny Penny)! The farmers market is open until around 2:00pm or so but I suggest going between 9:30-11:30 to get your pick of the loot! Bring cash, a bag for your goods, and a lot of happy energy. The farmers market is so fun. I love supporting the local community by shopping for my groceries here as much as possible. We always pick up:

Fresh bread

Farm fresh eggs

Homemade ravioli or pasta

Homemade pasta sauce


Fresh herbs

Fresh cheese

Local honey or sweet bread for a treat

Onto stop number three! Once you finish at the Farmers Market I suggest wandering through Forsyth Park as it is absolutely stunning and full of whimsy. Take lots of pics! I took this picture for a friend. Aren’t they lovely?!

And to finish off our wonderful Saturday morning in Savannah, Ga, wander over to Collins Quarter at Forsyth. (It’s right in the park!) They have outdoor seating equipped with table fans if it’s a nice day, or a beautifully designed interior dining room. The menu is super up-to-date and everything is delicious! Here’s my brunch order:

Grab a bubbly drink or espresso off their café beverage menu, everything is to die for!

Melon salad appetizer (incredible!)

CQ avocado toast w/ a poached egg

Enjoy your Saturday morning in Savannah... 🌿 What day should I do next?!



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