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Healthy snacks I'm loving

I need healthy snacks available at-all-times, over the years I've learned that my willpower just isn't strong enough to power me through denying myself an unhealthy snack that's in my own fridge or pantry. However, I do love most healthy foods, I think I'm lucky in this aspect. I really do love most fruits, veggies, healthy fats, yogurt, quality proteins, etc. so for me it isn't really about forcing myself to eat healthy snacks even if I don't like them, it's just deciding which healthy snacks I want for the week and making sure they are readily available to grab when hunger strikes!

So, find all the #HealthySnacks I've been loving lately below!

1. Sumo Citrus- these are so tasty and super easy to peel, you MUST try them if you haven't! Would be amazing for kids, as well! Don't be alarmed by their odd exterior, just grab one and you'll be hooked!!

2. Hillshire Farms "snacking" plates- these are basically Lunchables for adults. And yes, I am aware that it "would probably be cheaper just to buy everything individually and cut it up myself but 1. I don't always have the time for that. 2. Choose your battles, you know? Sometimes convenience wins. 3. I like that it's pre-portioned so I don't overeat. These run around $3.00-$4.00 and to me, that's worth it! Much better than grabbing a bag of chips and will definitely keep you fuller longer.

3. I love these baby bell peppers- they're the perfect vessel for your favorite dip! If you love ranch dip- opt for these guys instead of ruffles for a healthy alternative + they have a little sweetness to them!

4. Shakeology! Scroll down and look at those stats... instead of grabbing a post-work coffee, I usually come home and go for a cafe latte shake! My mix is typically- 8 oz almond milk, one frozen banana, scoop of nut butter, sometimes a little leftover coffee, it's whatever your heart desires- really!

Shakeology is incredible for your body- it's NOT a meal replacement shake, more of a normal diet-enhancer! The nutritional benefits are insane- statistics show drinking Shakeology is about equal to eating SIX salads worth of nutrition. Amazing and tasty!

5. Dried mango slices with *NO ADDED SUGAR* (be sure to check your labels!). These are so dang good! They're chewy, not overly sweet, and should only have one ingredient- mango! I find these at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and sometimes Costco! Try them- they're delicious!

6. Almonds. Now, I know this isn't revolutionary, but hear me out! I always turn my nose up at nuts as a snack but every time I actually eat them, I love them, and they REALLY are super filling! These pre-packaged ones are great for portions sizes!

7. Grapes and hummus. This has been my #1 go-to snack lately. I LOVE hummus. The "Sabra Classic" is my favorite hummus but by all means, go for your fave! The sweetness of green grapes combined with the savory taste of hummus just hits all the right points in a snack for me! Plus, it's a snack that's full of healthy protein, healthy carbs, vitamin C & A, etc.!

Last but certainly not least....

8. Apples dipped in Purely Pecans pecan butter!! (Sweet Potater is a FAVE!) This is such a good combination to cure a sweet tooth! -And the ingredients of all 'Purely Pecans' products are SO clean, which I very much appreciate! Dip whatever you want- I love apples and bananas with mine!

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