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Six tips for your next job interview

girl with brown hair in navy and white buffalo check shirt

1. Dress business professional with a touch of who you are. Don't go too wild but if you're a colorful person and that describes you then wear a neutral based outfit with a pop of *professional color. I wore a bright headband for my last interview because that little "extra" showed them a good idea of my taste, style, and personality type.

2. Don't dress completely different from how you would dress on a normal day, if you got the job. This is a false representation. If you show up to the interview in a pencil skirt and blazer but you're more of a casual dress pants and flats kind of gal then you aren't really representing your authentic self. This may be an unpopular opinion, I just personally feel like you're better off just showing them what they will really get with you on a daily basis (within reason, obviously).

3. Add a memorable trait somewhere in the "pitch kit" you're leaving for the interviewers (resume, cover-letter, business card, reference sheet, thank you card. This could be a uniquely designed business card, a (professional) colored font (my font is navy to match my logo and everyone always comments on it), a creative font somewhere on your resume, a picture of yourself, etc., this will help them to remember you and help you stand out.

4. Print THREE copies of your resume ON CARD-STOCK* and in-color. Card-stock is a non-negotiable. It shows that you care about the job, you went out of your way to prepare, you are not a procrastinator, and you take their time very seriously. I hope it goes without saying... but, don't ever go to an interview without your resume and references sheet. Card-stock and in-color will be a game-changer and costs roughly $2.00.

5. Add a small "get to know me better" section on your resume and give a couple work-appropriate details about yourself. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. doesn't have to be super personal, just gives them a little bit more insight into who you are and whether you will mesh well with those who work in the company. Trust me, they will enjoy learning some of the things that make you YOU and will probably use them as an ice breaker throughout the interview, double win.

6. Write a thank you note in advance for even being considered for the position. Give it to them at the end of the interview. This will truly set you apart, if you don't get the job after doing this, then, it just is not meant to be. I've done this many times and every single time it has absolutely taken the interviewer aback. Chivalry and manners are not dead, but they aren't frequently seen in a work setting. A hand-written thank you card (nothing weird, just a simple, "thank you for considering me for the position, I appreciate your time" will show them that you are courteous, appreciative, well-mannered, and most importantly, kind. This could very well be the homerun that gets you hired.

When you're interviewing for a job, most employers aren't looking for the "100% perfect" candidate, they're looking for someone that's moldable with good morals that's hard-working and shows ambition. Don't worry about your lack of experience, just implement what we've talked about today and go in with confidence that you CAN in fact be what they're looking for.

Hope this helps someone with their "interview-scaries", you can do it!

Until next time,



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