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Five pieces of amateur life-advice

Life advice?! From someone at the ripe age of 26, how funny. BUT, I'm a firm believer, age is just a number and is arbitrary when it comes to intelligence. Of course, we get wiser with time, thank God, but I still feel like helpful advice can come from anyone at anytime!

So, *insert drumroll please, here's five pieces of completely random amateur advice from lil old me:

1. When it comes to credit cards, student loans, banking of any kind, ASK A TRUSTED FINANCIALLY STABLE ADULT their thoughts before you do/sign anything. Oh how I wish I'd truly realized what saying "Yes!" to those painfully steep student loans would mean. I did not need that much financial assistance and now I basically make the monthly payment on a Ferrari in student loans. When they said "you can just pay them back later" I was expecting a roughly $200 monthly payment, not a thousand dollars a month. Had someone explained this to me *very* clearly before I agreed, I like to think I might have realized I didn't need to incorporate "boutique spending" into the yearly student loan budget.

2. Find a fitness routine that works for you. If you try something and don't like it, then by all means, don't continue with it. However, it is worth it to find some sort of fitness outlet that you do like and try to stick with that. It doesn't have to be anything too strict. I'm a firm believer that "rigid" results in burn-out. Just find something that you like and make an effort to do it a couple times a week. If your schedule doesn't allow that, just try to work it in when you can! Your health should be the most valuable thing in the world to you. Without it, we have nothing.

3. Make travel a priority over things that don't hold their value long-term, such as; clothes, fast-food, etc. I have never regretted investing in travel but I certainly do regret all those silly boutique clothes I bought over the years. Save your money and PLAN TRIPS. Read about traveling on a low-budget if you're worried about the financial burden. Travel isn't nearly as expensive as people make it out to be. Do your own research and go go go before you no longer have the chance.

4. Find a hobby / creative outlet that feeds your S-O-U-L. Not one that feeds your pocket book, ego, or adds stress to your life. Find one that actually brings you joy and allows you to separate yourself from the regular stresses of life even if just for an hour. Try all the things, and then when you find something you love, make time for it!

Here's some ideas:

-Start a blog



-Candle making



-Horseback riding










-Travel agent




-Re-doing furniture


5. Never forget that there is no reason to brag about being overly-busy. We treat "busy-to-death" like it's something to be proud of. I fell victim to this in college and now realize how silly it was. I put my mental and physical health second because "I was just SO busy". I pulled all-nighters constantly, (I really never got any quality sleep in college), I ate WAY too much fast-food, I ignored relationships, neglected important educational things, I ran myself into the ground and treated my body like crap all because I was proud to say I was "so busy".

So, learn time-blocking and time-management early in life because I could have done all the "busy" things AND still have taken better care of my mind and body had I just planned my days more responsibly.

Now that I've spewed amateur advice all over you, consider subscribing to the blog for more rants! Just kidding... but really, thank you for stopping by and at the very least, I hope you feel slightly inspired to do a tiny bit better for yourself!

Until next time,



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