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My favorite skincare product OF ALL TIME (hint hint it's $16!!)

Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner

Do you have a single tried-and-true product that you will never give up? Does the idea of living without it make you literally scared? Ha! Same.

So, what is my favorite skincare product of all time?

This is the easiest question ever to me. I have used and sworn by this particular product for almost SIX years now. I love all their products but I fully attest my mostly-clear skin to this product in particular, Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner.

It's $16 FREAKING DOLLARS. How much more affordable can you get with ingredients THIS clean?

Cocokind's product are made how your skincare products should be, edible. They're sustainably made from actual plant-derived ingredients.

The Raspberry Vinegar Toner ingredients are as follows: water, rubus idaeus (raspberry) fruit vinegar.

THAT IS IT. Nothing sketchy, no scary chemicals or preservatives. Two ingredients. This is why I love this brand. The price cannot be matched for the quality you receive.

Here's the link to purchase this amazing product:

Don't order off of Amazon, this is a company that is working towards cleaner, more affordable beauty with sustainability in mind, give them your money, not Amazon.

Check out their website and blog, they have some incredibly forward-thinking products that will change the way you view skincare. I have pretty much one of everything they've ever created because I support them through and through and adore all their products so much.

My next fave product on the list would have to be the MyMatcha stick, or the oil-to-milk cleanser... or the chloryphyll mask. I LOVE ALL OF THEM, okay?? Check your local TJ Maxx for occasional deals on Cocokind products, though everything is insanely affordable.

If you try Cocokind, find me on Insta, @simplynikibblog and let me know!

As always, if you feel inclined, I would love if you would subscribe to the blog so you don't miss any posts!

Until next time,



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