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How I solved arguing at the grocery store, wasting food, and eating out too much with one simple sys

You know what really sucks? Getting to the grocery store and arguing with your significant other about what you're going to eat for dinner that week. See, I like a plan, with all things, really. I don't like doing anything without a plan, and if I don't have a plan and you want me to commit to things on the fly, I will most likely end up melting down. Ha, one of my many flaws.

I just feel like we end up wasting money when we go places, specifically, the grocery store, without a set menu/idea for dinners for the week. I realize probably not everyone goes through this, you lucky gals who have spouses that could care less what you cook and don't mind not having a say probably have a pretty enjoyable time at the grocery store. Can't relate. LOL. Granted, sometimes we order our groceries online but it still requires a detailed plan agreed upon by both of us. This is starting to sound a little crazy. Haha! We're both pretty damn type-A so really nothing new to me.

Anyway, back to why we're here, I was so dang tired of arguing in the grocery store and rapidly scrolling Pinterest trying to find recipes, or eating the same few things on repeat, I finally did something about it! Maybe this has been around awhile, I have no idea, but IT WORKS for us so I wanted to share it. It has really made a huge-giant-BIG-BIG difference in the struggle of creating our weekly menu.

Okay, here's the deets...

I created a google doc and called it "Dinner Ideas". Within the doc I created sections for each main food type (chicken, pork, seafood, beef, meatless, and side dishes). When I created it I went ahead and added some of our usual dishes to the list under their fitting category. The list stayed small for awhile but *DING DING* here's where the success happened, after we ate a new meal that we enjoyed I would add it to the list. If I saw someone else cook something I knew we would like, I added it to the list.

So now, the list has grown immensely and before we make our menu for each week I refer to the list and see what sounds good from there, first. We still make new things all the time but having that running list of ideas has helped SO DANG MUCH. It's also great because we don't eat the same protein source all the time anymore. I chose 1-2 from each category to mix it up. When-in-doubt, I just pull up the list and choose two chickens, one beef, one pork, and one random, then check the "side dish" section for what sounds good that week and BOOM, dinner planning for the week is done. Plus- when we plan out our dinners in advance we eat out SO MUCH LESS. We probably only eat out 4-5 times per month now since starting this method.

Find my "Dinner Ideas" list above, use it for yourself, build on it, create your own, do as you wish with it! It's just a reference point, obviously everyone's list will be different so start creating yours now and your life will suddenly be simpler, I swear! If you want a legit copy of mine, DM me on Instagram, @simplynikibblog.

Tag me in your Insta stories, I want to see your #DinnerIdeas lists!

Until next time!



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