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TEN things about me

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A blog post about me?! How odd. Ha! Truth is, I know that personal content get's some of the most engagement even if I sorta wish that wasn't the case. Talking about myself... hmmm what to even say?! I figured I'd start with 10 completely random things about me from personality traits, to likes and dislikes.

1. I love to cook but can't really grasp baking. I try, but it doesn't come naturally to me, at all. I also rarely use a recipe when cooking. I prefer to wing it and usually it works out deliciously, or so I think!

2. I hate cake. Always have, even as a child. Once, I even had a jello cake at my birthday party. Barf. I'm much more of a chocolate chip cookie or brownie person. Icing makes me want to gag.

3. Snakes really don't scare me at all, I can even live with spiders, but cockroaches, HELL NAH. If it crunches when I kill it, I'M OUT. I die at the thought of the crunching sound, *cringe*.

4. If I had to choose a completely different college major than what my degree is in (Public Relations), I would have gone for either interior design or... nutrition science. I find all things healthy eating and decorating very very interesting and enjoyable.

5. I LOVE thrifting. Goodwill is my bestie. I have a lot of vision when it comes to secondhand items. I can walk past a pile of trash and see potential. It's a blessing AND a curse. Hoarding tendencies are not good for a clutter-free home.

6. I love cruises. My now fiancé introduced me to cruises in college and I've been hooked ever since! I need a lot of entertainment and really don't do well just laying out and relaxing... so for me, a cruise is perfect! So many fun activities, nightlife, and entertainment. If Carnival wants to sponsor me, that'd be GREAT! Ha!

7. I quit my first official post-college 9-5 job after three months. I just could not stand the fact that there wasn't any time for the things I loved anymore. I felt like I was at the office 10x more than I was at my own house and it was driving me nuts. So, I found something with an alternative schedule and quit as soon as I could. Best decision ever. I truly found myself in the three years after that.

8. My fiancé and I both knew we didn't want to live where either of us grew up. We kind of stumbled into the Savannah area after undergrad while he was getting a masters and now, I can't imagine living anywhere else. I've fallen completely in love with this city and continue to find more and more reasons why I never want to leave.

9. My favorite show of all time is Hart of Dixie. Heck, I named my dog Magnolia Breeland after the show. I only love shows that are lighthearted and don't keep me up at night in emotional turmoil (ahem, Law and Order). No room for nightmares around here.

10. I think black leggings save lives. I don't know how I lived before black leggings, honestly. Like, what did I wear?! I know I should opt for real pants more often... but I just hate compromising comfort for the sake of "societal standards". Leggings AREN'T pants... THEY'RE BETTER!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into who I am.

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