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Staying on track with your #FITNESS when your significant other/family is not interested

Six months after becoming a Beachbody coach

You know what's hard? Committing to a fitness routine. You know what's EXTRA hard? Committing to a fitness routine when your significant other is...

1. Not interested

2. Has their own version of fitness

3. Acts straight up annoyed about your attempt at a fitness routine

Getting into a routine that works for you AT ALL can be very tough, so, when your partner isn't the super-motivator team-player that you feel like you need, it can make you feel all sorts of frustrated. I was in that exact spot six months ago and at first, I was angry, sad, discouraged, and mostly disappointed.

Playing the comparison game is B-A-D, and it can be especially tough to block-out other people's success with social media playing such a large roll in our lives. It was hard for me to see all the super fit insta-couples doing yoga together, taking before and after pics together, supporting each other constantly... I was starting to think, "is something wrong with my relationship since I don't have that with my partner..?" Truth is, no, there's not.

All wellness journeys are so dang personal, you really can't expect any other human to be on your exact same path. Think about it... would you want to jump on the tail-end of someones else's fitness journey? No. You would want to create your own and implement it in a way that fits YOUR life. It's the same for our partners. They will have to create their own path. Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes you both find the desire to make a change at the same time, so your paths align (lucky ducks!). I can't relate to that, so I'm going to offer some tips about how I, personally, made it through the "shock" phase after my fiancé said "no thanks" to my new vigorous workout plan.

My first, and maybe most important, tip is to let go of the idea that your partner "isn't supportive" just because they don't want to join you on your fitness journey. These thoughts can be detrimental and will likely cause issues outside of just fitness. Take the time to actually talk with your partner about why your goals are what they are, what they mean to you, what your motivation is, what your hope is for the outcome, etc. I bet that if more people took this approach they would learn that their partners actually ARE supportive of their goals and want you to succeed.

You can't force people to change. This applies to all of life. If, and when, someone is ready, they need to make the choice on their own. Trying to force someone into something that they aren't ready for, or don't want right now, will just lead to resentment, frustration, and no success. Everyone's journey is different. Let your partner come to the decision on their own that THEY'RE ready. They have to decide for themselves, especially with fitness, because it takes so much conscious effort and willpower to stay on track. Forcing it just won't work.

Stay positive and don't resent your partners decision. This is big. You can't be mad at someone for not being on the same path as you. Show them that you're enjoying what you're doing and your results. No need to guilt-trip them for not starting with you. Hopefully, they'll see your success and want to start on their own journey someday.

Lastly, DO YOUR OWN DANG THING. Seems silly, but for real. Just do YOU! Don't worry about what anyone thinks and just do what you know will help you reach your goals. If you want to fit a workout into your schedule every single day, then go for it. If you prefer a slow and steady approach then workout twice a week. Find what works for you, and DO THAT.

Enjoy the process and remember, a good attitude will go a LONG way. Be kind to your partner, and YOURSELF. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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