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Austin, TX Guide! What to do and what to skip!

Let me start by saying... Austin should definitely be on your travel list. My fiancé and I agree it has a bit of a Nashville vibe to it, but, definitely it's own place! Austin is known for being a little "weird" and we found that to be accurate but not in the way we expected. Here's my thoughts after spending 4 days in Austin, TX (April, 2019). 

1. If you do not like Tex-Mex food, do not go! JK! JK! But really, Tex-Mex is EVERYWHERE. Even trying to find a brunch place that wasn't Tex-Mex was a struggle. I swear, they have twenty five Tex-Mex places for every one BBQ place despite being well-known for BBQ, as well. 

2. Their BBQ is beef. Not pork, like in Georgia. Weird to me, maybe not as weird to others. 

3. 6th Street is a yucky, college-y, fake-ID-ish, strip of bars that you really don't "need" to go to, DESPITE what Pinterest says. Skip! Unless that's your thing!

4. Go to Rainey Street, instead! Much cooler. It's a strip of older houses that have been converted to unique bars. We really loved "The Container Bar" (it's made of big metal storage containers and I'm pretty sure there's nothing like it), "UnBARlievable" (a circus themed bar with a slide and super fun atmosphere), and "Lucilles" (the backyard area was very cool and it had a nice chill vibe). 

5. Definitely go to the "Rainey Street Food Truck Park". It's a whole bunch of food trucks in two main circular areas on Rainey Street. They have some seriously delicious and unique food options, like; gyros, mini donuts, empanadas, Indian food, Thai, gourmet grilled cheeses, etc. Save one evening for a food truck dinner followed bar Rainey Street bar exploration! 

6. If you haven't hopped onto the electric scooter trend then we can't be friends. JK! (kinda) They are so fun and require no actual coordination, whatsoever. We toured the whole city using the Lime Scooters and we were able to do it on our own time, dime, and no struggles parking or with Ubers! We're big BIG fans of the electric scooter trend! 10/10 recommend. 

7. Austin may not be what you're expecting for "Texas". We expected cowboy hats, boots, big hair, REAL Texas vibes... but in reality, Austin has more of a hispanic flair mixed with a millennial tech-y vibe than anything else. We didn't see a single cowboy hat the entire time but we sure did see 85,000 tacos and Google, everywhere. Either way it was still awesome, just not exactly what you might expect for "Texas". 

8. The homeless population in Austin is... intense. They are everywhere and they give zero sh*ts. There are many opinions on why this might be... either way, prepare yourself. 

9. BATS. The "Austin Bats" are a group of impregnated female bats that travel up from Mexico yearly. The all stay under one Austin bridge where you can watch them exit in massive swarms every evening around sun-down. We did this on one of the Austin river cruises and it was very cool. Definitely recommend, but make sure to check the bat migration schedule. 

10. There is a well-known paved running/walking/biking trail that runs along the river in Austin and all around the city. Take some time to travel down it and explore. You will pass paddleboarding/kayaking, cool coffee shops, local art, etc. Wander down it and take in all that Austin has to offer. 

Until next time, Austin. 

Xoxo, N

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