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What I love right now

Starting a new series on the blog about things I'm loving or that are "trending" right now and might be worth a try.

1. Cleaner Skincare! This topic seems to be getting increasingly popular. And I, for one, am SO glad. I love that clean beauty is really starting to "trend". It's so important for us to hold beauty brands accountable! If I recall correctly, (don't quote me haha!), 80% of what we put on our skin is absorbed. That is A LOT, and I think people are starting to realize that we shouldn't be absorbing gross chemicals and toxic products. We deserve better!

Some of the clean brands that I love and use are; Cocokind, Coola, Seed Phytonutrients, Frank and Whitman, and Dr. Bronners. Some that are currently trending and could be worth a try: Beauty Counter, Drunk Elephant, Primally Pure.

2. Glass/Metal Straws (or anything but plastic). These little (but mighty!) straws have shot up in popularity recently and in the best way possible! There are SO many hashtags floating around that show-off just how many people really are trying out re-usable straws. Check out the hashtags; #SuckResponsibly and #SaveTheTurtles to see for yourself. There are some great brands out there that make switching to re-usable straws simple AF, check Amazon for a load of options. I sincerely hope this trend keeps on trending in 2019 because single-use plastic needs to G-O! #SaveTheTurtles

3. Marie Kondo and her soothing voice (and persona.) LOL! But really, Mari Kondo created the Konmari method of organizing years ago. She has written seven or so books on "sparking joy" and using the Konmari method in your life. However, since her Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" came out, there has been a lot more buzz surrounding her, and for good reason. After watching the series, I definitely felt inspired and found myself asking what "sparked joy" for me. Three trips to Goodwill later... my home is slightly less cluttered. Check out her Netflix series if you want to be Kondo'd yourself!

4. Matcha! I have loved matcha since the second I tried it, 4-ish years ago. At first, it was difficult to find it in coffee shops (unless you have a super trendy progressive coffee shop or Whole Foods near you).

However, in the last year or so A LOT of places have started offering matcha lattes alongside their usual coffee options. Yay! This makes me soo happy. I love love LOVE coffee, but usually, I have that right when I wake up, so if I'm stopping by a coffee shop later in the day, I want something other than coffee. Even Starbucks has matcha now! (ask for an iced green tea latte with no sweetener) This is progress, and for that, I am PUMPED.

5. Non-dairy Milk options! Now some may say that almond milk, soy milk, etc., have been around for a long time... but now there is a plethora of non-dairy milk options (outside of the ones from 2001) available even at my local Publix!

Cashew milk, Oat milk, Coconut milk, Pecan milk, Pea milk, etc. etc. So many non-dairy options that are changing the way we look at "dairy". Hooray!

If you are loving (or hating) some of these "trends" let me know in the comments and please send suggestions for next weeks #NikisSimpleList post!

And, as always, if you feel like supporting a wanna-be girl blogger, hit subscribe!



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