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Five Tips on How to get the Most Out of Your Powerful Blender

Vitamix, NutriBullet, KitchenAid... seems like everybody is on the high-efficiency blender train lately. I was gifted my Vitamix two Christmas' ago and have loved it since the moment I got it. (I would recommend it to anyone!) I could go on and on forever about how much I love my Vitamix, but that isn't what this is about, LOL. After using my high-powered blender for two years I've learned a lot about how to make it work its best! So...

Here are five tips for using your extra powerful blender:

1. Follow the instructions for cleaning! Even though it can seem like it only needs a quick rinse after you've made your kale smoothie, in reality, you just can't see all the particles stuck around the blades while it's still wet. To de-gunk all those crevasses the right way, put a small amount of dish soap in the carafe and fill it up about half-way with warm water then pop it back on the base and let it run on high for about a minute. Good as new! Also, the two parts of the lid, and tamper, are top-rack dishwasher safe if that's easier for you than hand washing them!

2. If you can't ever seem to get that super-smooth, drinkable smoothie texture... it's probably because you're not blending long enough. I was skeptical because after about 15 seconds it seems like whatever is in there is about as pulverized as it's going to get, WRONG. Try leaving your blender on for 2 WHOLE minutes. I guarantee you'll get that super smooth smoothie texture you've been after.

3. If you're not struggling to get that super smooth smoothie texture (see above) but you are struggling to get that super thick smoothie bowl then I'm here for you, as well. I originally asked for my Vitamix so that I could make super thick açaí smoothie bowls like the ones I was paying $12.00 for.

At first, I thought my Vitamix was broken. I literally contacted another Vitamix owner and asked for help because I really thought I got the dud somehow! Also, WRONG. The key to that uber thick, Dairy Queen-style flip-the-bowl-over thickness is... TAMPER! You absolutely must tamper the SH*T out of your ingredients to get the results you're looking for. At first it will seem like nothing is blending together, this is normal. Don't panic. Less liquid = less "blendy" and less liquid + more tamper = seriously thiq AF smoothie bowl. Try this method and let me know if it helps you make those Instagram worthy smoothie bowls!

4. Do your research! There are 5M different blender recipes out there! Try to mix it up and use your blender for more savory options. I was amazed at how easy it was to make a dairy-free cashew based alfredo sauce using my blender... it literally did all the work. I have followed "The Blender Girl" (Tess Masters) on Facebook for years, she has the BEST blender recipes and videos. Check her out for blender inspo!

5. If you are, like me, hoping your blender will be a guiding tool to a healthier lifestyle then my number one tip would be to find a way to make the counter space for it. If your blender is put away in a closet somewhere, you definitely won't think or want to go grab it. If it's readily available to you and you know how easy it is to whip up a quick breakfast smoothie, you will be more likely to do that instead of stopping for that Starbucks latte that you really don't love, anyway. Find the counter space or a nearby cabinet to keep your blender in. Sounds small, but truly a game-changer.

If these tips help you in any way, consider supporting a post-college-20-something year old by subscribing!



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