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staying hydrated is fun!

Hydration is HARD. I find that I do great some days and then I go 72 hours with practically no liquid other than coffee (which does count towards your hydration goals, BUT STILL). I aim for roughly 100oz of water a day per my registered dietitians suggestion... but LAWD, that’s a lot sometimes. So, after a couple months of really thinking about how I can make water consumption easier for me... I’ve come up with 5 unique-ish tips for how to stay hydrated!

1. Okay... so this one isn’t that ground breaking. But, it is important. Invest in 2-3 good quality water bottles ($25+). I prefer to drink out of a straw, I find it goes much quicker that way so that’s what I look for when water bottle shopping. Also- I prefer a larger water bottle (24+ oz) so I don’t have to keep refilling it. A larger bottle means I can set goals for myself that sound doable.

“Drink 3 of these bottles today.” Not too daunting. There are about 22-million varieties of water bottles out there today, and everybody loves a different brand but here are some of the brands I often hear about: Healthy Human, Hydroflask, Contigo, Camelbak, Nalgene, Etc. Comment and let me know your favorite water bottle. Most of these can be found on Amazon.

2. Find a phone app that will help keep you accountable. I love the app “MyWater” because it sends me daily reminders, sets your water intake goal based on your physical makeup, and includes beverages other than just water (coffee, matcha, tea, smoothies, etc.) There is a wide variety of hydration trackers out there, you just have to find the right one for you.

3. I’m a lay-my-clothes-out every night kind of girl because I just don’t function very logically in the AM. I’m up at 6:00am every day and it is absolutely vital that I prep my morning necessities the night before. I set my portable coffee mug out (top off, that’s how extra I am), then (wink, wink) I set my water bottle out right next to it so I don’t forget. I see my coffee mug and water bottle when I walk into the kitchen and I immediately handle my coffee (duh) then fill my water bottle and put it in my bag. With this method, even if I’m running super late, I can throw my clean/already put together water bottle into my bag EMPTY and fill it when I get to work instead of leaving with no water bottle. Setting myself up for success is KEY!

4. This is probably my most unique hydration tip of all... I’ve been doing it subconsciously for years. When eating out at a restaurant always order a water (then your second drink if you so choose), and before you leave at the end of the evening make sure that your water cup is EMPTY. No water left behind, haha! This may seem easy but you’d be surprised how often you’ll see completely full cups being left on tables. Granted, you might have to tell your waiter to quit with the refills, but either way, you’ll be getting anywhere between 12-32oz of water towards your goal with just one full cup.

5. Take your water bottle with you, EVERYWHERE. I know this seems simple... but I find that when I’m ACTUALLY thirsty I never seem to have my water bottle near by. I’ve gotten into the habit now where if I’m leaving my house, even just to run to the grocery store, my water bottle is coming with! When it’s full and with me... I drink it. So, you can bet I’m taking that thing everywhere I go from here on out.

Those are my little tips and tricks to staying hydrated! If you have any other suggestions for reaching that water intake goal, feel free to comment here or let me know on Instagram: @simplynikibblog



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