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Taking a step back from drinking, and a step forwards toward Wellness

There is no "correct" way for us to live our lives. Life is different for everyone and no person can decide what that means for you, except you. However... I do believe in the power of a moral guideline that everyone can/should create for themselves. Only to be decided upon by YOU.

I've taken a step back from drinking and I'm ready to talk about why. Why I don't feel the need to get "wasted" anymore, Why I choose to turn down the casual drink, and Why I don't see alcohol as a large part of my future.

It's been about four years since I started feeling like alcohol wasn't helping progress my life in the direction I wanted it to go. The more wasted my friends got... the more I wanted to stray away. The last straw for me was realizing that alcohol almost NEVER ends well. It seems to always end in either drama, fighting, injury, crying, illness, or self loathing/guilt the following day.

So, Why was I still participating? Well, we all know the struggles of peer pressure, but really, it was more than just that. Friends that don't support your decisions can make you feel like you have to choose between the lifestyle you desire and keeping their friendship. This is toxic. You have to accept that they aren't the friends you want around if they're not supportive when it actually counts. If you can get past the initial bashes when you turn down the shot of tequila, then you can make the change.

Alcohol doesn't make me feel good. It doesn't make me feel better about myself, it doesn't make me feel healthy, it doesn't make me feel happy, or proud, or intelligent.

It makes me feel immature and unworthy of the life I desire.

Why am I trying to change my mindset/health for the better, yet still doing something that promotes the opposite of that? How will that ever lead to success? Ding, ding, it won't.

The largest contributing factor to my decision was the realization that I don't need alcohol to have a great time. I have been told more than once (or twice) that I "am high on life". Nothing has ever been more true. I LOVE life. I love spending time with new friends, old friends, people that have the same beliefs as me, people that have different beliefs than me, outdoorsy people, crafty people, etc. I LOVE people, and I don't need alcohol to aide me in my enjoyable experiences.

SO, if there are no real health benefits, no mental benefits, no progression towards the life I want, then why am I still drinking it? I don't need it to "loosen up" (trust me, I'm loose enough), I don't need it to have a fun night, and I definitely don't need it if I'm trying to journey towards "wellness". Seems like I'm really just drinking empty calories and negative energy if you ask me.

I don't want to obsess over the boundaries I set for myself because that's not a healthy lifestyle. Balance + a little discipline is key!

So, will I have a craft beer while traveling? You bet. Will I have the occasional drink while out with friends? Yep. Will I drink on special occasions? If I want to, of course! But will you find me puking in a downtown bar bathroom? Nope.

I'm not saying everyone needs to cut their alcohol intake, but for me, personally, I want to experience my life with clear, open eyes that allow me to love and enjoy my friends and family wholeheartedly. I don't want to forget my nights, I actually want to remember every little detail!

For now friends,



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