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Becoming a BLOGGER?

Have you ever thought so hard about doing something that by the time you actually got around to doing it you don't even remember exactly what your plan was? Well, ding ding ding, here I am. Doing just that... wondering what exactly I'm going to use this space for. What do I want to have documented for the world to see? What words can I conjure up that might (in some tiny universe) actually be impactful? Well, I'm here to find out.

I have such a fond love for the "blogger world". Everyday I look forward to seeing some of my favorite bloggers posts. Their lives seem so together. So trendy. So planned. So perfect. Well, folks, might as well go ahead and nip that idea in the bud because this "girl blogger" isn't any of those things.

I'm a 23 (about to be 24, geez, OLD) year old living in the eclectic town of Savannah, Ga. Coastal, creative, innovative, historic... those are some words that come to mind when I think Savannah. If you've never been, then you best hop on the next flight to the low-country because you will fall deep in freshly-baked-praline-love with this city. Not sure if it's the old historic southern charm, the 20-minute drive to salty ocean air, or the artsy purple-haired students walking along the cobblestone streets that make me re-fall in love with this city every day, but either way, Savannah is the city for me.

So, back to blogging, lemme' tell ya. Post-(college)-graduate life is SUCH a weird one... AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT. I'm sitting' here like, does anyone else think this in-between major life events stage is just freaking weird?! Half my friends are engaged, half are still trying to graduate. Some have babies, some have trendy studio apartments in Atlanta. Some barely know what they're doing (me), some are purchasing new cars, engagement rings, and first homes. And I'm just sitting back wondering what is going on... We're all *kinda* "trying" to be adults but were also acting a lot like over-grown toddlers that got thrown into the big city, alone. Do I make my own doctors appointments now? What's a W9? How long is raw chicken good for? Why is cable so expensive? Maybe I'm only cut out to be a stay-at-home mom?

Let's just all take a deep breath (together) because this part of life is just awkward. We have pretty-much no money, no clear ideas of the future, and we are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers. 'Tis the reason I decided to start a blog. I'm right smack-dab in the middle of this extraordinarily awkward in-between stage and I want to talk about it.

So, cheers to the unknown (our futures, this blog, life, etc.),

Simply Niki

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