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photos- ada beth oliver

florals- savannah florist

10 W E D D I N G T I P S

  1. The number one thing I wish I would’ve known going into 1.5 years of planning a wedding is… it’s lonelier than expected. Fact is, no one cares about your day more than you (…and maybe your mom if you’re lucky!) It sounds sadder than it is, wedding planning just really encompasses you for those months whilst everyone else’s live’s proceed as normal! Your priorities drastically shift. I suggest getting a wedding planner to support you/bounce ideas off of.

  2. Before you choose a “theme” or colors, think about what you want your wedding to look and feel like. Come up with words that help describe your vision and remember that throughout the process. My words were classic, fun, timeless.

  3. Remember fantasy vs reality. You may not get everything you’ve always dreamed of, but in the end, you get the most important things and that’s what matters.

  4. If you foresee drama within your friends/family try to handle it gracefully at the beginning and make adjustments as needed. No one likes a miserable & complaining bride. Set yourself up for a joyful wedding experience and handle what needs to be handled (maturely).

  5. DIY can be good. Or horrible. Remember, we’re going for timeless not trendy. Ask yourself- do you have the capacity for DIY right now? Who will execute said DIY on the day-of? Will I think this was stupid next year? Will this actually save us money?

  6. Negotiate with your vendors! Tell your desired vendors why you love their work and what you are able to budget for that service. Not always, but occasionally, vendors are more flexible than you think!

  7. Small details are important but a frosted cup or personalized koozie isn’t going to make or break the day if it doesn’t fit the budget. If it does- by all means, we love a final touch! Just don’t stress about having every single thing. I always thought, “is this most likely going in the trash once used, maybe I shouldn’t spend money on it?”

  8. Be smart and make lists (or one mega list) to keep yourself on track and your to-do list(s) condensed and easy to check off as you go!

  9. From the start, keep a spreadsheet of your vendors, how much you’ve spent, what you owe, and when you owe it. It’s much harder to look back when you’re a month out. Also- put all your vendor contracts in one “wedding” email folder.

  10. Try to accept that stressing over weather or things out of your control just isn’t worth it in the end. I know it’s hard to help it but nothing in life goes perfectly as planned yet is more perfect than you probably ever could’ve planned! Aim to be the excited, glowing, light in the room on your wedding day, because you are!

Hope this helps future brides and brides-to-be! Want more tips? Find me on Instagram: @thenikiblackwell

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